What makes the perfect Revive! Franchisee?

2021 Newly appointed Franchisees

When it comes to describing the ideal franchisee for Revive! there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

What we can say though is if you want to spend your time painting vehicles then it’s not the opportunity for you! Revive! owners work on their business not in it.

As the leading management franchise in the automotive sector, the two characteristics all of our recruits have in common – apart from previous management experience  –  are a burning ambition to grow a business and outstanding people skills.

In the past year, ten new franchisees have joined our Revive! network.  Ranging in age from 34 to 63 they are all very different, but every one of them stood out during the recruitment process impressing franchise director Cathryn Hayes with their drive, determination and ability.

People with a track record of building businesses for others also find their way to our door. Anthony Tinsley ran a highly successful business mentoring consultancy before setting up Revive! Cardiff earlier this year and Tony Barker from Revive! Bedford was the new business development director for a multi-billion-dollar American commercial interiors organisation. The challenges of COVID also led several of our new franchisees to further question their futures within the corporate world. Tony Barker explained:  “During furlough I just thought, I am literally wasting my life. In such a large company you have no self-determination at all.  I had been on the train at 7am every morning not getting back until 8.00 at night.  I guess I was suffering from corporate burnout and was at the age where if you don’t make changes now, you’re going to have to stay until retirement.”

Already having experience of working at a senior level in the motor trade can be a big advantage.  Understanding the industry will give you a head start, particularly when it comes to working with car dealerships. For example, Jinesh Patel from Revive! Gloucester managed fast- fit tyre centres for Kwik Fit, whilst Hicham Bouissa of Revive! Uxbridge was involved in insurance motor claims management and Justin Macal owner of Revive! Southend headed up a national contract car cleaning company.

If you’re looking for a new career after leaving military service Revive! could also be for you.  Ex-army Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Jay Belam in Guildford is one of our top performing franchisees with a team of 8, and new recruit Graham Szymanski, owner of Revive! Wigan was also a sergeant in the army before becoming a close protection officer in Iraq.  Skills such as team work and discipline acquired in the armed forces lend themselves well to running a Revive! territory.

Sometimes it is the people combination that makes for a successful application to own a Revive! franchise.  Father and son franchisee team Anthony and David at Revive! Cardiff have complimentary skills and experience. Dad Anthony set up one of the first PLCs in Wales whilst son David has spent his career in business development and client relations.  Their age difference too helps them to communicate with customers at all levels. Said David: “We have both got pretty good hit rates in terms of courting the customer and closing the deal. Older customers seem to identify more with dad whereas I find my more direct approach with younger customers works well for me.”

And at Revive! Gloucester Jinesh and Reena Patel have all of the key management roles covered. With his fast fit centre management experience Jinesh knows the operational side inside out, and as an executive assistant to the managing director of a Capita division, Reena brings her extensive knowledge of  HR, payroll, and marketing to their business.

But we’re not looking for the ‘perfect’ package.   No one person can be expected to excel in every aspect of running a business which is why our award- winning franchisee training and support programme is in place to assist franchisees at every stage of their personal and business development.  Mark Pronger from Revive! Belfast put it this way : “From the outset I had some technical ability and know how, and had no problem with leading people, but what I need coaching on is business development skills. I’m impressed by the quality of support I’m receiving from Revive! and am already learning a lot.” If you’ve got what it takes to be a Revive! franchisee, we’ll be there to help make it happen.  For more information, request a copy of our prospectus here https://revivefranchise.com/enquire/

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