Revive! Trafford celebrates best year ever

Sixteen years since they first started out, Dan and Nat of Revive Trafford have just smashed their record turnover and yet come agonisingly short of the £1m milestone!

Nat and Dan have proved an impressive team taking Revive Trafford from strength to strength, but they haven’t forgotten the importance of work life balance, with the pair learning to switch off and separate their work and home lives. With Nat working purely in the administration side of the business, she manages the business planning and development alongside any required documentation whilst also handling any managed accounts from Revive! HO.

Dan is responsible for Revive Trafford’s team of techs with two team leaders reporting to him and a further two to three techs in each team. This expansive network of IMI approved technicians have ensured that Trafford have secured their best year to date, edging agonisingly close to the £1m mark in 2023. Despite their record turnover Nat and Dan also claim that 2023 was also their smoothest year yet with no realistic panic moments that would be cause for concern.

The pair often felt too busy to connect with Head office and attend meetings, they preferred to focus on the business. Once they did attend head office meetings however they were enlightened to the value of them with the business since improving and growing considerably and improved planning for the future. Over their 16 year tenure with Revive! Dan and Nat have seen the business go from strength to strength with improvements every year, they have also noticed that Revive! will often take suggestions from their franchisees on how the company can best support them to further improve it.

Currently Revive Trafford are aiming for 20% year on year growth, with similar expansion plans increasing their team members to handle the increased workload.

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