Business growth – and personal growth too

Dave and Celia discuss their journey with Revive! Manchester, including Celia’s move into managing the business after beginning with part-time admin work around her family commitments. Making the move to management is no easy step, however Celia is pleased to say that Revive! were with her every step of the way providing valuable support and training whenever necessary.

Since Celia has joined the management team the Manchester franchise has been going from strength to strength with the employment of a second technician and with a third van waiting to be deployed. The team had found challenges in finding experienced technicians willing to join the business so they changed tack, to impressive success, rather than employing techs with years of experience they have chosen to employ techs with little to no experience then placed them in Revive!’s intensive training scheme held at head office. This not only ensures a steady supply of well-trained technicians eager to get out on the road, but allows Dan and Celia to mould their new employees into the Revive! Way rather than having to stamp out bad habits of experienced techs.

Revive! Manchester have found increased success using this method, they find with their newly trained techs they can train them to paint but training them to have motivation and aptitude is much more challenging. With younger less experienced technicians they are more driven to succeed. And to prove this success, one of Manchester’s proudest moments this year is receiving the good Trustpilot reviews for a new technician they’ve just taken on proving the training works.

Something Dan and Celia have both noticed is that Revive! always pay attention to the unique challenges each franchise member is facing and tailors a specialist training and support plan for each franchisee. They also ensure they identify any gaps in their training regime to better support members where they need it, for example Revive! recently introduced increased retail training, marketing and social media training and support along with increased attention on dealership sales training.

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