“The first thing that caught me were the reviews.”

Hicham, a former claims investigator who currently heads up Revive! Uxbridge, was looking for a new challenge when he decided to open up his own business. While researching potential opportunities for his new venture he discovered Revive!. What immediately struck him about the company was the numerous fantastic reviews the company retained from both franchisees and customers alike.

The role met his expectations immediately with Hicham able to manage the Revive! business and the two technicians covering the Uxbridge area, in his own time allowing more freedom with his growing family. Hicham’s goal for the business is to continue the gradual growth of the business as much as possible whilst taking on as many new techs as possible to scale the business to its maximum capability.

Having never painted a car in his life Hicham sees it as very important to listen and learn from his technicians to educate himself not only on their skills and needs but to realise the challenges they face daily and how he can support them best.

Hicham mentions that one of the scariest things about starting Revive! Uxbridge was the thoughts of ‘am I doing the right thing’. However once past this and he could see his achievements it made him very proud to see how far his business had come.

Hicham is also very pleased with the support and training he has received from the head office, claiming that Revive! feel like one family and that ‘If I’m doing well we’re all doing well’. This helped him and his technicians feel united as part of a larger business, more than just the three of them in Uxbridge. Hicham also got the feeling that anyone he’d talk to at Revive! would be able to help him with any issues he was facing at the time, we work as one unit to help each other.

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