Former tech closes in on £1m turnover

Iain of Revive! Northampton has had quite the journey in his career towards franchise ownership, starting out as a technician he quickly rose through the ranks before becoming a partner in the business then eventually taking on sole ownership in 2016. Maintaining both a management and hands on position for a few years Iain eventually stepped fully into management in 2019.

Iain now focuses on managing Revive! Northampton’s technicians across the territory while trying to gain new business and maintain the consistent growth the business has felt since emerging from the pandemic four years ago. The Northampton franchise is looking to pass £1m turnover in 2023, one year earlier than their original business plan predicted.

While being a tremendous success, Iain takes more pride in the successful development of his team. Now standing at eight employees Iain has seen them grow and improve over time not just as technicians but as people. Seeing techs buying houses, getting married and having children really shows the progression in their lives. This, Iain feels is what really helps his team when they are together to feel real unity.

Iain feels he and Revive! Northampton have really benefited from the support and training made available to them from the UK head office, along with the help of other franchisees who offer their experience and expertise willingly to help a fellow Revive! member. Iain also likes that other Revive! franchisees show him what’s possible, driving his ambition to succeed.

Overall however, Iain puts Revive! Northampton’s success down to his hard-working technicians, “You’re as strong as your team and the effort they bring to it. Their hard work is massively important.” To be a Revive! franchisee you have to be ambitious, passionate and resilient but most importantly you have to have that enthusiasm and ambition for the job that can’t be learnt.

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