Largest franchise on “growing out of control”!

Nathan originally started the East Anglia franchise of Revive! over 15 years ago, growing his business gradually to a point where he had three to four vans on the road, however he had found the business had stagnated, so to accelerate growth Nathan employed Adam and Andy, two managers aimed at taking Revive! East Anglia to the next level, and that’s exactly what they did.

Now sporting an impressive fleet of three alloy wheel repair vans, eight bodywork vans along with a two-booth unit manned by five technicians and a further three techs upstairs pumping out 101 refurbished alloys per week, Revive! East Anglia is going from strength to strength.

Adam has even mentioned that the business ‘is growing out of control’ but admits he and the team enjoy the challenge. Revive East Anglia were the first Revive! franchise in the country to cross £1m and are aiming to repeat that goal for £2m. The East Anglia team are very competitive with the other Revive! franchises and while there are a number of up and coming members in the network Revive! East Anglia are striking ahead to push their advantage.

Revive! have been supporting them throughout their growth, with Adam admitting that the support and training you need at their stage is different to that of those just starting out, “The team are always there when you need them, whether it be help with HR, technical support, even IT support.”

Currently Adam’s priority is to manage his team better, not just drive business to Revive! East Anglia but to find out what drives them personally. The business is even sponsoring one of their technician’s children swimming if that tech meets certain targets. He is now pushing to meet those targets and is more dedicated to his job than if it were just for a paycheck.

Currently Revive! East Anglia are on track to achieve £1.7m in 2023. In the next four to five years the business is looking to open a second unit possibly in Ipswich or Norwich to help accelerate their business outside of the Cambridge area, Revive! East Anglia both see the possibility of these sites meeting £500,000 targets very easily. Alongside this unit the team want to have an additional 15 to 20 vans on the road along with an additional middle management team under them to control the new project.

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