Tim’s the Boss He Always Wanted to Be

Tim and Athena, owners of Revive! Watford

One year on, if Tim Byrne, owner of the Watford Revive! franchise could go back in time to advise himself as he was considering the leap into buying a franchise he would say “just go for it. There’s nothing to be scared of – it will all come good.”

Tim had always wanted to run his own business and be master of his own destiny. Redundancy from AutoRestore gave him the opportunity to turn this dream into a reality, and as he was already working within the industry, a Revive! franchise made perfect sense.

He explains: “ I would never look back now. My motivation is not to have to go and ask anyone for a job ever again. The freedom I have is immense. Of course there are challenges along the way and I worry about the responsibility of making sure we make enough money each month to pay everyone, but I can do what I want, talk to people the way I want to talk to them and I can do what I say. For us it’s not a big corporate façade of ‘how great we are’ and then don’t follow through. we deliver what we say we’re going to do. I’m proud of what we’re doing and the level of service we’re delivering.”

Tim Byrne owner of auto repair franchise Revive

Whilst Tim had plenty of experience of working in the industry, he had little knowledge of running a business. In the early days he had a lot of help and advice from  head office, and the ongoing support he has received throughout his first year of trading has helped build his confidence. 

Says Tim: “Everyone has been really helpful. There was a lot to learn in the beginning about the financial elements of the business, so knowing that I could always ask if I wasn’t sure about anything made a big difference.”

Finally, Tim can now be the boss he would have liked to have had himself. “I’ve always liked the idea of having a good team that want to work with me and be part of my team rather than just being employees. We’re a great little crew and I want them to share all of the benefits that I have now.  My work life balance is so much better and it’s important to me that my techs get to have time to enjoy their families too – like attending sports days.”

The formula at Watford is clearly working.  Not only has Tim recorded successive record sales months, but the Revive! business has also been named a finalist in the new business category of biz4Biz Hertfordshire Business Awards. The winner will be announced in September.

Revive! Watford has given Tim the work-life balance he has always craved.  “It’s not just about having lots of money; it’s about having a good life. I can take my kids to school and pick them up most days. This year we’re going to Cyprus for three weeks – and yes I’m still going to be taking calls while I’m out there but running this business has  given me that freedom, the flexibility to do what we want.” 

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