Big Ambitions for new Worcester franchisee

Listen to why John decided starting his own Revive! Worcester franchise was the right move for him

John spent his whole life in the automotive industry, from working his way up in a family run business, to seeing the business bought out by another corporate company and dealing with the changes that occurred during this transition. From that experience, he learned that he wanted to be his own boss, and bring that experience to Revive! Worcester.

Initially looking to open his own independent business, John recognised the opportunities in the Worcestershire area with little competition from the automotive sector in the region, prior to investigating the possibilities of a Revive! franchise.

Upon finding Revive! John was excited that a lot of the risks involved in building up a brand and generating contacts was removed, meaning a lot of the struggles new businesses suffer with in the first 12 to 18 months was taken care of, allowing John to focus on building the business with a head start on the competition.

John was very happy with the support and encouragement he received upon creating Revive! Worcester. Many of the areas that he wasn’t familiar with he had the opportunity to learn from Revive!, this included a lot of the operational side of the business, John had the opportunity to sit down with the Revive! team and take what he learnt into his own business in Worcester.

Thanks to the excellent support from Head Office, John and the rest of the Revive! Worcester team were given specific marketing and social media training to assist them with the sales and advertising of Revive! Worcester, an area John was uncomfortable with prior to joining Revive!.

John has impressive targets for Revive! Worcester with his want to recruit a new technician every three months following the initial establishment of his business, with his eventual aim being to open a trade unit within the first 12 months of business.

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