From Construction to Owning a Franchise

Listen to Liam, owner of Revive Bolton, about his various professional background and how that lead him to wanting to own Revive! franchise.

Initially starting in the construction industry, Liam then moved on to a recruitment where he became a director. Following this he ran his own business which provided training across a broad range of industries. When investigating a new venture, Liam was certain that he wanted a management franchise due to his vast skills and experience in the arear, and yet he still wanted a position in an area of the industry that he had a passion for…  Cars.

Upon finding Revive! Liam discussed the opportunity with some of his friends who are also in franchising to see if Revive’s offer stood up. Following his friend’s confirmation that Revive! were everything he was looking for, Liam moved forwards with the idea of setting up Revive Bolton.

Once Liam had met with the Revive! team he was impressed and excited by the values and standards they maintain for their franchisees. The managing directors prior experience also captivated Liam, with one from the financial world and the other industrial, he was comforted by the diversity of the people in senior management positions. 

When he first started his training for Revive! Liam was impressed at the level that was provided, it was more than he had seen from any of the other brands and franchisors he had investigated. The training consisted of a variety of classroom/boardroom work, workshop training and going out on the road with experienced technicians.

Throughout his training Liam has been lucky enough to be going through it alongside fellow new franchisee Jon from Worcester. This has helped him feel a lot more like part of a Revive! team, all working towards the same goal and demonstrating the key company value of Unity. Having Jon with him through the training has helped Liam feel he can ask more questions as they will both be working in separate territories so they won’t be competing, any advice the pair receive can help each of them individually.

As a whole Liam has really enjoyed his time so far with Revive! and feels the whole team is behind him supporting him to push forward with Revive! Bolton. Liam also has the confidence that is at any point he does run into trouble he can discuss issues with Revive! and he will receive the support and advice he needs.

In the short-term Liam plans to set up Revive! Bolton and build up a solid reputation for excellent service and quality workmanship for both trade and retail customers. He is hoping to quickly build a team and ensure his profitability and build a good thing for customers. In time he hopes to develop the team and establish a management team to help maximise their territory. In the far future he hopes to have fully maximised his current territory and to possibly expand into other territories when possible.

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