From selling cars to repairing them

Prior to establishing the Revive! Southport franchise, Andrew had worked in the automotive industry for over 17 years, this included him working up the ladder from sales executive all the way to senior sales manager for a number of major dealerships. However, Andrew was finding that the relentless working conditions weren’t right as they were taking a toll on him and his family, this was the point when he decided to ‘jump’ into a Revive! franchise opportunity.

Andrew was keen to not only manage a team when building his Revive! franchise, he wanted to develop himself and his skills to further benefit the business and maintain himself as a market leader in automotive SMART repairs.

Having already built himself a storied career in the sector Andrew found that he already had the skills and abilities to complete the work involved in building the franchise. Where he felt he needed additional training and support was the financial side of the business, the valuable training provided by head office allowed Andrew to be fully equipped to build his Southport franchise and develop it as part of the Revive! network.

The ongoing support and training opportunities offered by head office gave Andrew and Revive! Southport the confidence to build their franchise. This was despite the ongoing effects of the cost-of-living crisis that had initially concerned Andrew, but these issues were alleviated by Head office upon multiple interactions, with Andrew going as far as to say: “all this weights been lifted off him”.

Future plans for Revive! Southport are for Andrew to first build the business in a smart yet confident way so as not to get ahead of himself. His five-year plans are for Revive! Southport to operate with four to five technicians from a unit with an expanded selection of services outside his current offering. Following this Andrew plans to retire early with a capable employee taking over the day-to-day management of Revive! Southport with the eventual outcome of him handing the business down to his children, inspiring an entire second generation of Revive! experts.

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