Soaring success for Surrey superstar

Jay left the armed forces to start his auto repair franchise with Revive! Surrey – he’s now one of the biggest franchises in the entire network, with around £1.5m turnover.

Jay initially started his business as a single van on the road repairing cars and dealing with customers. Gradually he grew the business to the point he had four technicians working with him at which point he decided to take a step back from being on the road every day and move into the management side of the business.

The move into a management role involved a lot more ensuring that his technicians were on the right jobs whilst he had more time to spend developing and growing the Revive! Surrey Brand. Jay has developed the business to a stage where he has 14 members of staff including eight technicians in vans out on the road, along with a further six working at a Rapid Repair Centre performing alloy wheel repairs along with minor SMART repairs.

Jay is aiming for a turnover of £1.5 million in 2023 with plans to grow to £2M in the next few years. Jay is pleased with the steady growth of Revive! Surrey and puts his success down to his management style, he worked out quickly that he had to act as both a leader and a manager to successfully develop his technicians and further develop the business.

As a former military man Jay finds he works best with a reliable team working behind and alongside him to achieve their goal and develop his relation ships with customers. Being a part of Revive has been particularly beneficial for Jay as it has allowed him to expand the business by using a recognisable brand name rather than starting from scratch and attempting to build an audience to an unknown brand. Being a part of a larger brand also meant he had valuable support and training available to him and his team whenever he required it. He could also reach out to other franchisees if he ever ran into issues.

Jay was excited to support Revive! at the recent bfa Franchise awards where despite stiff competition from well known brands such as McDonalds, Costa Coffee and Starbucks, Revive! were able to take home the Fanchisor of the year awards, something Jay hadn’t previously thought possible.

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