From loving cars to working with them

Tom from Revive! Aberdeen talks about starting his business, hard beginnings but having that support to overcome challenges, and how achieving his best month ever makes it all worth it.

Tom initially started out with just two technicians and two vans like most franchisees start, however Revive! Aberdeen quickly grew and Tom currently handles four technicians in three vans and a unit in which he can tackle more significant repairs.

As a petrolhead himself, Tom had always seen that he was going to work with them in some way, upon researching Revive! he became more aware the possibilities of opening a Revive! franchise in Aberdeen. In further reading Tom found he could chat with technicians through various industry forums and saw the benefits of applying to run his own franchise in Aberdeen.

Tom’s biggest fear when setting up Revive! Aberdeen was that he wouldn’t be able to get up to speed quick enough, although he was supported throughout by head office to alleviate those worries. He found it particularly helpful using the training for how to quote for jobs and prices he should be pitching his services at.

Initially Tom was concerned that he and his new technicians wouldn’t have enough work, however that couldn’t have been further from the case, Revive! Aberdeen has been inundated with requests, more than the team can handle. This has built a respect between Tom and his technicians with Tom handing more responsibility to the techs as a result.

Tom claims setting up Revive! Aberdeen has been the hardest thing he’s ever done, but it has also been the most rewarding as its all for his own purposes rather than working for someone else’s success. Tom’s management of Revive! Aberdeen has been commendable and the growth the team has experienced is causing Tom to consider expanding up to six vans with two technicians in the unit full time.

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