Mobile repair expert on his first year in business

Tim and Athena from Revive! Watford on starting their business, work-family balance, and ongoing growth.

Tim is no stranger to the SMART repair industry as he has been working for a rival company for the past 17 years as a regional manager for the southeast of England, where he had 40 technicians working under him. Despite working at a rival company, Tim always admired Revive! as he liked what the company were doing and what they stood for as a company.

Prior to joining Revive! Tim had struggled to maintain a healthy work life balance that would allow him to enjoy his work whilst also allowing him to spend time with his wife Athena and his children. Since starting Revive! Watford Tim has been able to drop off and pick up his kids from school, clear evidence of the healthier balance the couple have found since joining Revive!. Tim is expecting Athena to join him at Revive! Watford at the right time, when the business has developed, and Athena is ready to leave her current position.

Another benefit of owning Revive! Watford is that Tim can now get out in front of customers and chat to them about their further needs and requirements, developing the relationship to move it into further business, something he didn’t have the time to do in his previous role.

When starting Revive! Watford, Tim was able to bring two technicians with him as his previous company failed. Tim selected these two as he knew they were loyal hard worker that he could trust to carry out SMART repairs to a high standard. Tim has just taken on a third technician, one he has also worked with before.

Within a year Revive! Watford has doubled in size and Tim and Athena are aiming to double in size again with up to ten technicians on the road and his own unit. Despite the rapid growth of Revive! Watford Tim claims he set out to take it slowly and build steadily ensuring his costs didn’t escalate beyond his means.

Tim initially thought of starting his own company when his previous role ended however his knowledge of Revive! and the industry as a whole meant that it would offer far more benefits to begin a franchise due to the brand awareness and the varied support options available to him through the company including financial, marketing, social media and more.

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