Revive! Sussex Coast – Building Relationships

Revive! has always been about its people – a key focus on personal relationships and staff development is what Anthony Wilcock attributes to Revive! Sussex Coast’s ongoing success.

Anthony originally started the Revive! Sussex Coast franchise as a single man in a van franchisee, as time has past he has grown and developed the business to the point where now he has two technicians in a workshop, along with a further five vans out on the road. Anthony’s work has also changed, moving to a solely office based job from being a technician, he now spends most of his time in the office in his unit.

At 57, Anthony has been working from a 3 year plan with him currently grooming his first technician as his successor. Dan, who currently owns 20% of the franchise will take over the day to day running of the business with Anthony taking a step back and reducing his hours to three days per week.

Anthony puts Revive! Sussex Coast’s success down to the personal relationships he has developed with his customers on both the trade and consumer sides of the business. Most of Sussex Coast’s trade business has been organic, with various employees in dealerships moving on to other branches and introducing Revive! to each new company.

Anthony regularly checks in with his customers both trade and retail to see how their doing and how Revive! can help them going forward, this has made him incredibly popular within his territory with his personal attention to customer service.

When first establishing his franchise, Anthony saw a great importance in listening to his senior franchisees and taking on any advice they had to give him, at his first conference he sought out the top three franchisees at the time and took them all for drinks to chat and learn from their experiences. Anthony uses the same methods of listening now as part of the Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP), taking on the feedback, lessons, and advice of fellow franchisees both at a similar stage as him as well as higher and lower levels of turnover and development. Anthony enjoys working with the franchises who have already been through the struggles and difficulties he’s facing and moved through them to both grow and develop their own businesses, as well as doing the same for other newer franchisees.

While Anthony enjoys seeing the figures from his record year in 2022 and seeing Revive! Sussex Coast moving up the franchisee league table, he gets more pride from the progression of his employees. Seeing his technicians develop both their professional skills in the workshop or out on the road but more importantly their personal lives is a key driving force for Anthony going forwards. He’s always excited to hear his techs latest developments in their lives such as having children, getting married, or buying houses, he sees this as just as much a success for him as Revive! Sussex Coast passing £1m turnover in 2022. Anthony takes his role as a franchisee very personally and seeing the success of his employees and the relationships they develop with his customers is the proudest part of his job.

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