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Revive!’s greatest strength has always been the depth and variety of its franchisees, without them the business wouldn’t have developed and grown to the scale it has. Currently there are over 50 different franchisees and growing constantly and consistently. Which is exactly why we at Revive! see it as a key objective to help support franchisees however we can.

The support we offer our franchisees continually evolves as our network grows. We’re proud that our hard work has been recognised with many industry awards, including the prestigious Gold Franchisor of the Year accolade at the BFA HSBC Franchise Awards 2022, proving our dedication to supporting franchisees in their endeavours.

Revive! Annual Conference

Business Assistance programmes

Our tailored support packages and business assistance programmes have helped our franchisees expand their businesses and grow their customer base. We are constantly listening to our franchisees and our customers and adapting our support and training regimes based on their comments and questions.

As part of the Business Assistance programme, franchisees have access to a number of support services from across Revive!’s many departments to help assist them in furthering their business.

Marketing Guidance

Our dedicated Marketing team are eager to assist franchisees in making the most out of their territory, this includes promoting the business locally through tailored PR campaigns, training in social media advertising and SEO and utilising Pay Per Click campaigns, which will drive business to your franchise through the power of Google.

Business Planning Roadmap

Our business planning experts will help you set out a dedicated roadmap of how your business will develop and grow over time, giving you a plan to work to, KPIs and targets to not only reach but beat. Our know how to help you make your business thrive.

Benchmarking Data

With our real time business performance data and statistics, you will be able to explore exactly where you can distribute your financials to better serve the business. The Revive! team will help you to understand the unique metrics and utilise them to increase your productivity and profits.

Bookkeeping support

Our hardworking team will make sure you stay focused on running your business, rather than getting bogged down by an endless stream of administrative duties. The bookkeeping team will ensure you are up to date on weekly and monthly sales, retain the latest management information packs and automatically complete any invoicing.

Technical Support

Due to the nature of franchise ownership, particularly in an automotive field such as SMART repair, you will inevitably run into technical issues either a paint match isn’t quite right, a new product is being tested or a technician’s van breaks down, the head office team is here to help.

IT Support

With an inhouse web and app developer our franchisees know the people to call if they run into issues with any part of the online process, to get a quick fix sorted and return to normal working order. Our apps and website have been custom built to be streamlined and automate your businesses operations, minimising your time not making money.

Wide Customer Base

One of the greatest assets our franchisees have at their disposal is the diverse range of customers our brand attracts including local and national accounts with car dealerships, fleets, lease and insurance customers, along with everyday general public buyers.

National Brand Power

The power behind the Revive! brand is unrivalled, with national recognition through the press and the public, Revive! offers the largest network of IMI accredited repairers ensuring we maintain the high standards our customers expect. Our 4.9 Star rating on Trustpilot sets us above the competition as market leaders offering our franchisees increased customer retention rates due to the excellent service our technicians provide.

Franchise Support AGP 120 training session

Tailored Support: Accelerated Growth Programme

The Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP) is a bespoke support initiative that is tailored to each franchisee’s level of business development and turnover. Through the AGP, franchisees have the opportunity to sit down with fellow franchisees at similar stages to themselves and assist in propelling each other forward through specialist strategies developed as a group for each business.

Franchisees are supported by Revive!’s expert franchise development team to help them get to the next level of sales. Each franchisee is assigned a mentor as part of the AGP who will guide them on how best to progress their business. However the collaboration between franchisees at a similar level to their own has proven especially useful through their shared experiences, providing solutions to the similar challenges each franchisee is facing.

The company hold regular face-to-face peer-to-peer meetings between franchisees in each AGP group to allow this special form of group collaboration to take place. Regional meetings and the annual Revive! conference bring the entirety of the network together, while also providing valuable opportunities for franchisees to network with one another.

Revive! are proud to say you will always be fully supported as you grow your smart repair franchise.

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