The £1m club advice for new Franchisees

Revive! has a very exclusive club that all of our franchisees would love to be a part of. The members of this club have worked very hard, dedicating their blood sweat and tears to the growth of their business, to the point where they can proudly say they are a member of the £1m club.

The £1m club is growing, with two members in 2022, there were four last year: Revive! East Anglia, Revive! Surrey, Revive! Trafford and Revive! Northampton. It takes a lot of work to reach this stage which is why we thought it best to chat to our successful franchisees and get their best advice for those thinking about joining Revive!’s network of over 50 franchisees.

Revive! East Anglia

Originally started over 15 years ago, Revive! East Anglia were the first franchisee to hit the £1m mark. Revive! East Anglia now boasts a fleet of three alloy wheel repair vans, eight bodywork vans and a two-booth unit manned by five technicians with a further three technicians upstairs pumping out over 100 refurbished wheels per week.

Adam Holmes commented, “When you first start you need all the help in the world from technical, IT and finance, you come to a point where you semi-master that, but you’re never a finished article. However, there are different challenges you come up against, the information you need down the line is completely different to what you need at the beginning but it’s a journey and Revive! can help you all the way through it.”

It’s not without its challenges and it’s not going to be easy, it’s hard work but if you’re prepared to put the graft in the Revive! team can help with recruitment workshops, or financing. There’s so much help within Revive! that it makes your job a lot easier, all you’ve got to do is put the hard graft in, show your passion, get the right people in and Revive! will steer you in the right direction to make a successful business.

Revive! Surrey

Jay left the armed forces to start his auto repair franchise with Revive! Surrey – he’s now one of the biggest franchises in the entire network, with around £1.5m turnover. Jay has developed the business to a stage where he has 14 members of staff including eight technicians in vans out on the road, along with a further six working at a Rapid Repair Centre performing alloy wheel repairs along with minor SMART repairs.

Jay Belam said: “Tap into other technicians and other franchisees, because someone’s always had something happen to them, and its not always negative stuff, if a problem does come up, chances are it has happened to another franchisee previously. It’s better to be part of a bigger brand, we know we can cover the whole country which is a key sales point I use when trying to get new customers.”

Revive! Trafford

Natalie and Dan have proved an impressive team taking Revive Trafford from strength to strength, but they haven’t forgotten the importance of work life balance, with the pair learning to switch off and separate their work and home lives. At one stage, the pair often felt too busy to connect with Head office and attend meetings but soon saw the error of their ways and the benefits listening to head office offered.

Natalie Normanton mentioned: “If you’re interested in running a business but are a bit wary of doing it alone then the backup of head office is wonderful. Beforehand we were so busy we didn’t engage with head office when they’d try to get us to go to meetings. But when we realised, we had to prioritise that and started making more of an effort to listen to what they were telling us, it made a massive difference to our growth and pushed us towards better business planning and supported us in doing that.”

Revive! Northampton

Iain of Revive! Northampton has had quite the journey in his career towards franchise ownership. Starting out as a technician, he quickly rose through the ranks before becoming a partner in the business then eventually taking on sole ownership in 2016. Maintaining both a management and hands on position for a few years Iain eventually stepped fully into management in 2019.

Iain Wallis believes: “You need to be ambitious, I think passion helps massively, but you also need to be resilient because it’s tough to get going in any business, there are bumps in the road but you need to have that resilience to roll with the punches. Joining the top franchisee team has been a massive help, head office and fellow franchisees show you what’s possible and give you that ambition and that carrot to chase. You need to have that vision and desire to grow big and to take the risks to make the business grow rather than resting on your laurels all the time.”

There are few better to take advice from than those who have already been through it, taken on the challenges and problems and come out the other side to celebrate their successes. The £1m club is proof that the Revive! method works, and we expect to see 7 or 8 members of the club by the end of the year.

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