Experienced franchisee brings Revive! to Swansea

As a 16-year veteran in the sector, Mike realises better than most the value of a good franchise support structure and brand.

Entering into a franchise agreement with a significant company can be a daunting experience for many, not Mike though, he is a veteran of the sector with over 16 years of running and working in a broad range of franchises including a Jewellery franchise he currently runs with his wife.

When Mike initially discovered Revive! he was actually looking for a vehicle repair, however upon entering a quote form he found there were no technicians in his area. Seeing an opportunity Mike did some research and found a gap in the market for his own Revive! Swansea franchise.

Having little experience in the automotive sector and also being colour blind Mike found little interest in actually going out on the road as a technician and found much more excitement in the management side of Revive! Swansea, as an experienced franchisee Mike wanted to supervise the technicians and assist them in growing professionally whilst also growing the business as a whole.

When setting up Revive! Swansea Mike was pleasantly surprised by the level of support he received through the Revive! network, finding that if he was ever in need of any support, guidance or additional training, Revive! were just a phone call away.

One of the challenges Mike initially found when in charge of Revive! Swansea was that due to his lack of automotive experience he found it necessary to learn what the technicians could and couldn’t do so as not to send them to jobs that were outside of the scope of the business.

Mike’s short-term plans for Revive! Swansea are to build up a good reliable customer base and grow his team of valuable technicians from his initial two to four. As for long term goals Mike is exploring the possibility of opening a static unit and offering rapid repair centre services.

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