Architect to auto trade to Revive!

It’s fair to say Bogdan doesn’t have the typical motor trade background, as a trained architect! He’s now used his passion for his adopted industry to start his own business in it.

There is no definitive route to working in smart repairs and that couldn’t be clearer than in the case of Bogdan of Revive! Hinckley. Initially training as an architect before moving into the automotive sector, Bogdan spent 8 years working as branch manager for a well know rental car company with prior work also taking place at Jaguar Land Rover.

There were a lot of attractions for Bogdan when originally considering opening Revive! Hinckley, overall he always enjoyed the repair process and the high skill level required to complete the work to a high standard. Being his own boss was also an important aspect of opening a Revive! franchise that Bogdan was enticed by.

Having previously experienced the work of Revive! during his days as a Branch manager for a rental company, when a franchising opportunity with Revive! came up, Bogdan jumped at the chance to open Revive! Hinckley.

The high level of support during the setup process gave Bogdan instant comfort that he’d made the right decision, claiming “Head office have exceeded my expectations in terms of support, there is always someone there to help at Revive!.” The number of prestigious awards from well known accredited associations such as the bfa and SME Business awards, give valuable recognition to both Revive! and it’s franchisees.

Future plans for Bogdan once Revive! Hinckley is running smoothly is to gradually improve the business, growing to four to five technicians each with their own vehicles in the next two years. Bogdan also wants to build to a stage where he can operate from his own unit, also in the next two years. In the far-off future Bogdan has impressive visions of scale looking to operate five to six different units which would place Revive! Hinckley as one of the leading Revive! outlets in the country.

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