From Stockbroker to Mortgage Maker

Around 5 years ago Dan bought 10% of Revive! Sussex, now an owner of 20% of the business see how his skill set perfectly complements Revive! franchisee Anthony’s to make the perfect pair for running Revive! Sussex.

Originally Anthony was working as a money broker, stockbroker and overall financial advisor, however Anthony had grown tired of the endless commuting and the corporate financial world as a whole. After deciding to take a break from his position Anthony investigated the possibility of owning his own business.

During this process he looked at a number of different franchises and really liked the feeling he got from Revive!. Upon entering discussions with Revive! Anthony was excited to find that this wasn’t a decision of if he wanted to open a franchise, it was their decision as to whether Anthony was who they wanted to open a franchise and represent their business. This let him know that they were interested in getting the right people rather than just getting the franchisees money.

When he initially investigated dealership contracts Anthony visited over 30 showrooms to test the water on their experience of SMART repairs. All of them said they weren’t interested due to either already having someone in house or their being too many out offering their services. Rather than get disheartened by this though Anthony took the positives that out of 30 dealerships he visited all of them used a smart repairer, meaning the business was out their, he just had to go and find it.

Anthony’s partner in the business initially studied bodywork repair at college but has never covered the SMART repair side of the industry, just the larger bodywork repair jobs and restorations. When he was initially taken on by Anthony as a technician, Dan was taken through various training courses by Revive! to ensure his skills were up to par.

Dan has grown and developed alongside the business during his time there and purchased 10% of it five years ago with a further 10% purchased just prior to entering the unit for the first time. This was seen as the perfect time to buy in due to the existential growth the business would go through upon establishing their unit.

Dan’s reason for buying into the business was simple, he was enjoying the job and wanted to continue with it so he bought in and is now a part of something he can help build and nurture into an impressive growing franchise.

As the most experienced technician in the business, Dan ultimately has the say so on what jobs get done due to his knowledge of their capabilities. Whereas Anthony mainly works on the more office heavy work such as sales, admin and marketing sides of the business.

Currently Revive! Sussex Coast owns five vans but only have five on the road currently with technicians, then a following 2 techs are assigned to the unit. Anthony claims that without franchising he wouldn’t have been able to build a company this established the quickly all on his own. Anthony believes he needed franchising and the experience that came before him to help him build his business.

If he was starting out again with a management franchise, Anthony believes he wouldn’t do much differently other than getting more information and more experience of the SMART repair process and gain some on the job experience by going out with a technician for two weeks to experience the job itself.

Anthony says that rather than the profits, the success or the completed repairs he feels the proudest moments he has is that each of his technicians are purchasing their own home and have said that what he’s done in hiring them and building them into his business is a large part of that.

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