On the road with Revive! Waltham Abbey

Whilst working as a delivery driver, Ken was delivered with the experience of watching a SMART Repair take place. He later came across Revive’s Franchise Opportunities and knew it was a worthy step for his career. Here Ken speaks about his constant progression and big plans for the future!

The team at Revive! Waltham Abbey meet up each month to review performance and plan ahead. Sitting with his technicians overlooking his fleet of six shiny mobile SMART repair vans never fails to give owner Ken Allison a huge feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

Ken has been running Revive! Waltham Abbey since 2009. Before then he’d worked as a computer operator, a double-glazing fitter and a self-employed van-driver but always had the determination and work ethic to achieve more and be his own boss one day.

In those ten years Ken has seen his career go from strength to strength. With award-winning business support at every stage, he’s gained in confidence to such an extent that he now manages a multi-van business employing six technicians with plans to expand even further.

Ken first became attracted to franchising during his time on the road when he spotted a competitor’s vehicle and decided to explore the possibly of owning his own SMART repair franchise. After looking into options available he chose Revive!

Ken explained: “What quickly became clear was that Revive! was focused on helping you build a multi-van franchise rather than trying to keep you as a one-man-band. This is what really sealed the deal for me.”

As the business grew Ken realised that to meet his ever-increasing sales goals, he would have to put more structure into the business. Alongside setting extremely high standards and building excellent relationships with local dealerships, he’s worked hard to create a distinctive company culture at Revive! Waltham Abbey, empowering technicians to feel part of the business and take on greater responsibility.

He said: The biggest challenge is having the right people and creating a sense of belonging. People need to want to turn up to work because it’s more than just money.

“Everyone here knows what they are doing. I’ve just come back from holiday after two weeks away and we still achieved our highest sales month which just underlines the fact that my team are just as committed to the success of our business as I am.”

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