Meet the two-time Revive! Franchisees of the Year

Running your own business with your partner as franchisee is something many couples dream of, but few can achieve.

For Mike and Liz Haselden, Revive! has provided the opportunity to do just that. Mike (41) bought Revive! Chester in 2005. He’d heard about the franchise’s business potential from a friend who was already a Revive! franchisee and was looking for an opportunity to become his own boss and take control of his family’s future. In the early days Liz (40) worked part time in a marketing role helping Mike out in their home office with admin.

Very quickly Mike’s SMART repair service was in great demand from car dealerships and the general public and soon there weren’t enough hours in the day. Buoyed by his success, Mike realised that the way to go was to get more vans on the road and start employing technicians. That was when Liz really stepped up her involvement.

She explained: “My role with Revive! Chester had always been in a minor admin capacity, until Mike started to grow the company and ‘think big’. I’ve been able to act as a ‘sounding board’ and play devil’s advocate quite often. 

 “Although the admin role is still required of me, there are now more demands from an accounting point of view as well as purchasing, specifically where budget planning and strategic thinking is required.”

As a team Mike and Liz share the task of making big financial decisions and setting goals. Said Mike: “We find that discussing important things like the three-year plan and staffing requirements makes the task more manageable and meaningful. We work well together and there’s a huge sense of satisfaction looking back on how far we’ve come.”

The couple have won the Revive! franchisee of the year award two years running. They employ six technicians and run a fleet of six vans and are looking to expand their business even further by taking on the neighbouring territory of Wrexham and employing two more technicians.

With growth comes new challenges which is why Revive!’s head office business support team works closely with each franchisee on an ongoing basis to provide training, advice and mentoring. Revive!’s comprehensive training programme is designed to meet the needs of the individual and the business at each stage from start up right the way up to running a million-pound business.

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