"We go on the holidays we want to go on, we've got a nice car, we live in a nice house in a nice area. Financially, we're happy."
Dan & Nat - Revive! Trafford
“We can run the business from anywhere. It’s made our lives a lot more flexible – and a lot more fun!”
Dave & Celia - Revive! Manchester
"What you can get and how you can support yourself and build your future is just... limitless."
Michal & Irmina - Revive! Basingstoke

The management franchise for SMART business people

Operating in the booming SMART repair industry, Revive! franchisees run large territories and manage their own team of technicians who repair damage to car paintwork including bumper scuffs, minor chips and the refurbishment of alloy wheels. 

With more than 50% of UK cars having damage to bodywork or alloys, demand for this service is considerable – and rising.

Multi-van management business

Your mobile technicians repair minor car damage for dealers, the trade and the public

Exceptional service, no compromise

Enjoy a brand that's renowned for excellence - in customer care and franchisee support

A personal development journey

Multi-award-winning guidance and support, tailored to your ongoing, evolving needs

Proven, outstanding potential returns

Turnover greater than £1m possible from initial investment of £20,000 plus funding

What's the best thing about running a Revive! franchise?

Who makes a great Revive! franchisee?

You need to be business-minded, commercially astute, organised and an excellent communicator. If you want to paint and repair vehicles yourself then a Revive! management franchise is not for you. 

If you are hungry for success, we can provide you with a business model that enables you to build a substantial business and an asset to sell in the future.

Covid-19 impact and response

“The pandemic has driven record sales, improving efficiencies and profit margins for many Revive! franchisees’ businesses. We’ve worked tirelessly with our network and we’re closer and more collaborative as a result, despite not being able to get together in person.”

Mark Llewellyn, Founder & Co-Managing Director

Thanks to their mixture of trade and retail work, and our focus on personal as well as professionl support, Revive! franchisees enjoyed a strong 2020. July, when all franchises re-opened, saw the best sales month in Revive! history – until September, when a new record was set once again. Find out more about how we handled lockdown, together, on our customer website. 

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