The benefits of social media for new Franchisees

Social Media Marketing

Social media in 2024 is a forever growing monster, its many benefits are equally weighted by its many detriments. However for those operating new businesses or entering a new territory it is essential for building and maintaining a valuable audience assisting with business development and growth. When used correctly social media can set you apart from your competitors as a communicative, fun, and importantly busy business that is eager to develop a valued customer base both online and in person.

Live updates

One of the significant benefits of social media is that it is a live format allowing you to keep followers/consumers aware of the latest goings on in your business, you could present an interesting car that is being repaired, a new employee hire, or even a local charity event you are supporting. Social media allows you to make sure your customers know exactly what’s going on and is often the first port of call for customers who are having issues with your website or who want to get in touch with the business in some manner.

Active userbase

No matter the platform, be it Facebook, X, Instagram or TicTok, each have their own very active userbase. This means there is a broad range of customers available to contact at any point, bringing an instant reaction to any posts you publish and sharing your content across the internet to their own audiences bringing even more fresh eyes to your business.

Instant messaging

The ability to instant message both customers and businesses is both a blessing and a curse, while customers can get in touch with your business directly to ask questions or receive a free live quotation, they can also get in touch with any complaints they have instantly. Interestingly 95% of communications between customers and businesses on social media is to complain. Which while disappointing to face is an ongoing issue with doing business on social media.

Social media advertising

The ability to present your business on social media is fantastic, but if you are willing to invest some time and money into social media advertising the returns could be tenfold. A well-built, carefully planned social media campaign can help your business reach all new customers who previously hadn’t seen any of your content. The opportunity to build an audience of your perfect customers right down to the street they live on, and their individual interests cannot be underestimated.

Develop a relationship with your customers

The key goal of social media is to connect people, it gives you the ability to contact someone on the other side of the world and talk with them as if they were sitting in front of you. Now you may not need to sell your services in western Vietnam, but developing a relationship with your customers is very important in building a word-of-mouth network for recommendations. It also helps to build repeat customers, who return to your business when they are next in need of repairs, not only because of the quality workmanship but because of the friendly relationship they have with the business.

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