“Why Revive!? The brand and the people.”

Scott originally had a franchise in London – and he loved it so much that when he was relocating with his family, he sold and started a new one, Revive Stoke!

Scott originally studied business and finance and went into a career in retail management, however he then took on the Revive! West London Territory from 2013 to 2018. Scott bought in to being a Revive! franchisee because of the high brand value the company held, along with the increased brand awareness this would allow he also appreciated the people within the company who really valued his experience and skills in business. One of Revive!’s key pillars is that of Unity, and Scott really felt that with the amount of background support that was available to him whenever he needed it.

Despite his experience within the industry and as a part of Revive! Scott still likes the help and support the team gives him, suggesting ideas of how to do things differently, sometimes just a differing opinion can transform a business. As of 2023 Scott and Revive! Stoke have four vans on the road manned by four technicians, with himself fulfilling a management role in the business and another employee maintaining operations.

When Scott originally started out with Revive! Stoke his role was very much focused on being on the road and painting cars, however as time and the business has progressed it has transitioned into more of a training and supporting role, ensuring that his technicians are happy and developing their skills well. With his role changing he has also found more time to control his customer base, micromanaging it to ensure increased sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Scott’s long term goals for Revive! Stoke is to grow the business and increase it’s turnover and profitability, although during that time he also wants to develop his technicians skills and work to better serve the customers with high quality repairs and customer service.

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