Revive! Basingstoke – Buy a House or Build a Business

Having chosen to invest in their future rather than a house, Michal & Irmina from Revive Basingstoke now have a successful car repair management franchise…and their own home.

Their initial decision to invest in a business rather than a home may seem odd at first, however having built the Revive! Basingstoke franchise into what it is today is a fantastic achievement. At that early point in their lives neither Michal or Irmina were sure of where they’d like to settle down, but they did in fact know they wanted to start their own business.

Due to Michal’s skills as a technician he wanted to start a business that would let him showcase his talents which is what initially drove the couple to Revive! Upon initially establishing Revive! Basingstoke, the couple had a number of concerns that Revive! head office were more than happy to help with. The first was the administration side of the business that neither Michal or Irmina had any experience in, Revive! offered dedicated training sessions for the couple which explained and taught them everything they would need to continue their business dreams.

Revive! Basingstoke were especially pleased that Revive! weren’t just at the end of the phone, they were dedicated in helping them grow their business and establish them as the go to SMART repairer in Basingstoke and the surrounding area. This was another of Michal’s concerns, specifically how do they find customers. Everyone at head office was very supportive and dedicated time and effort into exploring new avenues for the couple to try and drum up business. They found that most of the customers that found them in the first few weeks stuck around and have been coming to them ever since.

Since establishing their business Michal and Irmina have been very successful with the pair bring home the Developer Gold award from Revive! which meant a lot to them and really made the time and effort worth it. Since starting the business together they have found it more difficult to take holidays but with careful planning have made it work well.

It’s really exciting times currently for Revive! Basingstoke as they are about to take on a number of new technicians to the business. Michal plans to take a step back from the day to day paint technician role he currently has into a more management and training role which will allow him to spend more time with his family.

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