Know your market – how a protected territory can help your business!

When going into business by yourself it’s important to know the territory you will be covering, not only so you can understand the unique conditions your customers face but so you can also understand your competition and the specialist service offerings they provide.

Revive! franchise territories are large, this gives our franchisees the opportunity to grow quickly and effectively without the need to buy more territory from the franchisor. As our franchisees expand, we recommend they simply add additional vans to their fleet to exponentially grow their return on investment.

More importantly than size, Revive! territories are protected this means you have the exclusive rights to market your services in the territory and can get to know your customers and dealerships personally. Allowing them get to know you and your team personally helps you to understand the unique issues they face in that territory. Do they see more stone chips on their roads, is a gang of vandals going round scratching cars, is your territory rife with potholes damaging potential customers alloy wheels. Knowing the unique issues in your territory can help you establish yourself as the go to SMART repairer in the area.

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A protected territory also cuts down on your competition meaning there aren’t multiple franchisees competing for the same customers. This gives you the opportunity to really tune in to what your competitors are doing, where are they better than you and how can you adapt your business to not only better serve your customers but also take theirs as well.

Revive! protected territories are designed to help you grow your business in that area, all our territories include a strong base of car dealerships plus a significant residential population of up to 250,000 people. This gives you a captive market to sell to and present your business as the leading SMART repairer. Your protected territory is also designed to let your business grow freely, with each area utilised to grow to more than five vans, without the need to buy more territory to grow your business further.

Additionally, Revive! have national accounts with several of the largest car dealerships in the UK, and established relationships for insurance and fleet work. The work from these accounts is passed to the relevant local franchisee, supplementing your local trade and retail work further and establishing you among the tightknit dealer community. This can help your territory by creating an increase in word-of-mouth referrals and generating valuable leads to your business and helping you grow your franchise more quickly.

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