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Running your own business with our brand, support teams and systems behind you can give you:

Financial Security

earn over £100K and build a valuable, saleable asset

Work-life Balance

flexibility to have time for the things that matter to you

Immense Pride

a sense of accomplishment that you can’t get in a job

Personal Growth

challenge yourself, learn new skills, let your ambition fly

Turn your leadership and comms skills into your business

Get the flexibility and income you want by using your skills and experience to run your own business, instead of someone else’s.

We’ll provide you the structure, business model and trusted brand. You put your stamp on it.

Revive! franchisees manage a small team of technicians who repair minor damage to car paintwork including bumper scuffs, chips, scratches and alloy wheel refurbishment.

There are more than 50 franchisees around the UK using our brand and our proven blueprint for growth that’s been developed over more than 20 years. Along with our HQ support teams, that gives you a close-knit and experienced peer group to call on.

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Multi-van management business

Start with two vans and two techs servicing dealers, insurance work and general public

More demand than supply

Of c.40 million cars in the UK, over 50% have minor bodywork and wheel damage

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Mobile service for convenience

Your techs visit car owners and dealers directly – which also keeps your overheads low

Great franchisees are:





Business Model

Work from home

Work from home

Run your business from home, plus go out to visit local dealerships. Schedule your day to work around your lifestyle.

Fewer staff, less stress

Fewer staff, less stress

Our model is based on you having a low number of skilled employees for a small number of high-value jobs.

Marketing set up for you

Marketing set up for you

We provide your personalised local website, social media and Google Ads campaigns – we know what works.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

We’ll give you the IT systems, customer app, and operations blueprint used by more than 50 franchisees nationwide.

A brand customers trust from day one

As a franchise owner, your business operates under the renowned Revive! brand – which means 30,000 Trustpilot reviews from your first day for potential customers checking you out. 

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Before we award a franchise, we need to get to know each other.

Because you need to know we’re the right opportunity for your family. And we need to know you’re the right person for ours. 

The journey starts with a prospectus – complete the form below and we’ll email it to you. We don’t chase you: this is a lifestyle change, not a paint job.

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