Max looks to maximise his opportunity

Max, owner of the Milton Keynes Revive! franchise had always wanted to own his own business, following four to five years in the corporate world working in account management and sales he decided there was no time like the present. Having always had an eye on franchising as the way to go Max began researching options for his new business.

Upon researching Revive! Max discovered the numerous awards the company had won, but also discovered how respected Revive! was as a company, not only in the automotive industry but also in the franchising sector, with positive reviews coming from all sides it was a clear choice for Max to open a Milton Keynes franchise.

Max likens starting his Revive! business to buying in to management rather than just buying a job. Opening the Milton Keynes franchise gave Max the opportunity to build a business with the additional support and training necessary to run said business successfully. The additional support Max received through Revive! when starting his business helped him feel like part of a team, rather than him alone against the world.

The initial training Max received was especially useful as it explained all the areas Max had limited knowledge on including, financials HR, tech support, IT support it’s an all encompassing package to assist franchisees in setting up their business.

The initial plans for Milton Keynes are for Max to take on an additional van and technician as soon as possible due to the valuable profit markups involved, following that Max plans to expand the business to five Revive! vans within the next three years. His larger plans also include taking on neighbouring territories to grow the business in a wider area.

Opening Revive! Milton Keynes has allowed Max to spend more time with his family, giving him the freedom to explore new opportunities with the knowledge that the Revive! team will be happy to help out whenever he needs support. “Everything has been as advertised if not better” said Max “If somebody asked me about joining Revive! I’d definitely say go for it, if you’re willing to put the effort in, the results will come.”

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